Thursday, 20 August 2015

Stop poaching now!

Some grim facts:

- since 2010, official figures show that on average almost 35000 elephants a year have been killed across Africa
- in the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania, numbers have plummeted from as many as 55000 to just 13000 in four years
- kilogram of ivory is now worth more than a kilogram of gold
- some terrorist organizations kill elephants to help pay for the weapons it needs to conduct atrocities - Africa's elephants could soon be extinct
- animal that has existed for four million years could be gone in the wild in a few decades

(source: Evening Standard)

Giants Club: President lights the fire that puts Kenya at forefront of Africa’s battle against ivory poachers

It was discovered that chimpanzee meat was on sale in the Midlands as part of a black market in exotic meats. Chimp meat can fetch more than £20 per kilogram.
(Evening Standard, 25/06/2015)

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