Friday, 26 October 2007

Even animals are better

Once when browsing through the Internet I came across a web site which has phrase "Useless Junk" in its name. People can upload private videos there and it is uncensored. When watching these clips I can clearly see that this world is on its way to hell! Sexual abuse, hatred, aggressiveness, destruction, fights, rapes, murders, torture, negligence, indifference and absence of any kind of symphaty and understanding...these words could describe today's humankind.

Apart from this...I realized that in this world one can very easily be named "bad" or rejected by social groups just because it doesn't hate anyone or anything! Just because it behaves well, or is constructive, calm, or peacefull...What a paradox!

God must be crying because of this. Why people hate each other, why are they so destructive and behaving badly against the nature and themselves?

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