Friday, 26 October 2007

Even animals are better

Once when browsing through the Internet I came across a web site which has phrase "Useless Junk" in its name. People can upload private videos there and it is uncensored. When watching these clips I can clearly see that this world is on its way to hell! Sexual abuse, hatred, aggressiveness, destruction, fights, rapes, murders, torture, negligence, indifference and absence of any kind of symphaty and understanding...these words could describe today's humankind.

Apart from this...I realized that in this world one can very easily be named "bad" or rejected by social groups just because it doesn't hate anyone or anything! Just because it behaves well, or is constructive, calm, or peacefull...What a paradox!

God must be crying because of this. Why people hate each other, why are they so destructive and behaving badly against the nature and themselves?

Friday, 24 August 2007

British home again

Okay...My 2-week summer holiday has finished and I'm now living my common everyday life. 2 weeks of going out, partying, visiting friends and family in Serbia made me pretty tired and I couldn't wait to come back to England to sleep and relax. Nena was waiting for me at the airport when I arrived and I realized how nice is when there's somebody who will give you a welcome. It wasn't just Nena who did it, it was my housemate David, and cloudy and rainy british summer as well. I needed some time to accomodate myself as I arrived from hot and sunny Serbia. One hour travelling by tube on the Picadilly line from Heathrow Terminal 2 to King's Cross was enough to me to get in touch again with lovely London's atmosphere.

This week I had a guest - Milos Radovanovic - Radacha who is my old friend and ex-neighbour from Novi Sad. On Monday we went to St. Ives at "LEL" club for salsa class and club. It was very good there, as usual. There's nothing better to relax after work than dancing salsa!

On Tuesday evening Ivan and Mirjana stayed in a short visit at my house in Huntingdon. They are my friends from the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. 6-7 years ago I used to study with them at the faculty's library, used to have dinners at the student's restaurant, wait for results of exams...and now we are working, living in different cities, even different countries...Destiny is really strange and unpredictable.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Why do I like Google groups

Apart from the fact that I can find there answers to many computer programming questions and doubts, I like Google groups because I can hit on funny dialogues also. This was one brilliant:

> Hi,
> My project requires a configuration file undeleteable
> by a user on a Windows
> system. I'm wondering if any simple way to achieve it.
> Thanks

Burn it on a CD.

Friday, 6 July 2007

Lazy Friday

On today's musical menu I had Morcheeba and Way Out West.

Morcheeba's song "The Sea"(album "Big Calm", 1998) through slow melody and sleepy vocal introduces tranquille and melancholic atmosphere:

Fishing boats sail past the shore
No singing may-day any more
The sun is shining
The Water's clear
Just you and I walk along the pier

A cool breeze flows but mind the wasp
Some get stung it's worth the cost
I'd love to stay
The city calls me home
More hassles fuss and lies on the phone

I left my soul there,
Down by the sea
I lost control here
Living free

Their another beautiful song that I really like is "What New York couples fight about".

Ten years ago, thanks to my friend Nenad Ivanovic (aka DJ Snow) I came to know Bristol duo "Way Out West" and their big hit "Ajare" (1994, re-released in 1997). Their hypno-trance melody "Killa" live would definitively make me dancing!

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Every Cover Tells a Story

I can't help mentioning Miha Mazzini's brilliant collection of old records' covers. His humourous comments make these oldies even funnier! My favorites are "Duet Markovic-Lazarevic - Vrati se ljubav da ti dam", "Vehbija Coralic - U mladost se vracam" and "Alfi Nipic - V Pajzlu Vizavi" but I think that Obren Pjevovic is really unique!

Moving on...

Yes! Adverts and unnecessary stuff on my home page really annoyed me so I decided to continue posting my blog entries at My previous posts are here. Moving on is not strange to me. Happy reading in new environment :)

Great comic

The funniest thing here are attacker's eye drops at the last scene :)
Poor green-coloured sweater boy...